About Us

Hello Everyone I know some of you must be very keen to know about who am I and what I do except Writing these Articles on my Blog sciencearticles.org. well, this blog is all about dogs and cats little about their history, little about their nature, and even how they become domesticated and closest to man. Well, the inspiration for creating this blog came from covid. this was the situation where we were locked inside and cats and dogs were set free. I’ve noticed that street cats or dogs were identical to the ones which we have as pets in our homes but still different but one common thing was they are all friendly it is much difficult to control and cat or dog. so my interest in the know these creatures increased even more and then I have researched and finally know how they were separated from their ancestral parents and adapted changes, how they have transitioned from predators to domestic I’ve learned some the domestication theories and even founded what breed came from where and in this lockdown I’ve been so much connected with these pets that now I have 7 of the Total 3 cats and 4 dogs there is a lot more undiscovered about hem which thought everyone should know about them and I will be posting new articles daily giving quality info to either how many of the people read it does not matter one, one hundred or millions will be kept sharing my research. The title of my blog is my Motive We feel Them. I mean I feel and we all should